Today was a big day for us! We released our little EP into the world. 

So far, the response has been incredible. So much encouragement and kindness from all of our friends and family. It’s a wonderful feeling. 

This, our first release has been a distinctly home-made project. Arranged, recorded, mixed, mastered, and manufactured in our very own home. 

It truly feels like a little bit of who we are has really been reflected in the project. Very gratifying. 

Our (very) limited number of physical EP’s is one of the best parts of this release for us. 

It makes our first run feel special, kitschy, and a bit of a bright fleeting moment. 

We want to share that with one of our new listeners. (HA! You’re all new listeners.) 

So, we’ll be giving away 2 physical copies of our EP, “Rapt in Bows” on our Facebook page. 

Head on over for details!

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