Heya folks!

Kelsey here! Daron and I wanted to follow up after last week’s release of “Rapt in Bows” to thank you so very much for your incredible support. 

We weren’t sure what people would think about it, as most of the folks listening to the music know us personally. Would we get a few pats on the head, or would people share our excitement for what we’re hoping to do and share with their friends? (Which is make music that we love, and that we’re proud to share.)

The response has been greater than we could have anticipated. 

In the 5 days after the relase, we had 100 dowloads and 500 plays!! Family, friends, and strangers (YAY!) have listened and responded in the sweetest ways.

It’s been incredible. 

So, we want to thank you for your support, and ask that you’ll bear with us over the next few months as we recover from the holidays (and the positively blinding speed with which we produced this EP – seriously, that’s another post… it was ridiculous), but we hope to have more new music for you this spring. 

We hope that, in the mean time, you’ll continue to follow our recording process through facebook (link) and twitter (link), (we love posting pictures, and status updates while we’re in the studio) and that you’ll tell your friends as well. 

Talk to you soon!



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