Kels and I just finished a studio session and as I was saving files, wrapping up cords, and shutting down equipment, I paused for a moment and appreciated where I was and what I was doing. I understand that I am fortunate enough to be able to make and create music in a space all my own. It is also not lost on me that I’ve worked hard to get it. Interestingly, I’ve known people that no matter how hard they’ve labored for something, they feel they don’t deserve it. Somehow they are not worthy of the thing they’ve achieved. 

If you are one of these people…STOP IT! You deserve every great thing that happens in your life.

Believe it.


Fun at YAK Fest 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve posted any updates, but last weekend inspired me to dust off the keyboard and start typing!

We were priveleged enough to play a few songs for an awesome crowd at YAK Fest 2015 in Keller, Texas. YAK Fest is an annual young adult book festival where several YA authors converge to talk about their books and sell their wares.  Kelsey is one of these authors as her book Damsel Distressed was released in October of 2014.  We were asked to play some songs since we wrote a companion CD,Imogen Unlocked, to the book and were happy to share some time with the attendees.

While we only had time to play 5 songs, the crowd was fantastic!!!  It was really cool to watch these people looking us up on their phones, buying the CD from iTunes, and cheering LOUDLY while we were on stage.To recieve such enthusiastic applause and even a few standing ovations was truly humbling ad SO appreciated!  

We’d taken some time off over the holidays to rest and recharge after a crazy two years of writing a book and recording a full length CD, and after our experience at YAK Fest 2015, we can’t wait to get back out and start playing again.

A HUGE thank you to all the folks who were able to see/hear us play you’re response really made an impact on us!

We’re bouncing a few ideas around for some upcoming…stuff   🙂

Stay tuned!


p.s. If you are interested in purchasing Imogen Unlocked or Damsel Distressed, you can visit the BUY page for all the links…thanks for your support!

*photo by Amy Toombs – @TxBookiemonster

I put in about 6 hours in the studio this past weekend.  Recording acoustic guitars, programming cajon lines, arranging song parts, etc.  WAIT!  Um…what did you say about cajones?  NOT cajones like in um…’balls’, but a cajon.  From Wikipedia, “a cajon is a six sided, box-shaped percussion instrument originally from Peru, played by slapping the front or rear faces (generally thin plywood) with the hands, fingers, or sometimes various implements such as brushes, mallets, or sticks.”  The 4 songs I am currently working on are pretty stripped down…an acoustic guitar, vocals, and our new friend the cajon.

All this to say that tonight, as I am writing this…I’m tired.  It was a highly productive weekend and at the same time exhausting…BUT it was great!  I have to admit that sometimes I’m guilty of dreading the creative process. Bad Daron!    

As artists, it’s important to not let things like attitude, life, or excuses get in the way of our creations.  We owe it to not only ourselves, but to this amazing thing we do.  Afterall, it is hard work, but it is good work!


People who have a creative outlet, regardless of modality, have experienced The Flow at one time or another…or at least I hope you have!

The Flow is that amazing time when, for whatever reason, inspiration strikes.  An open door to the creative world has flung open and all you have to do is step in.  But…  You are snoring away, sound asleep, and an amazing song lyric pops into your head.  You’re in the middle of an important meeting and as you daydream the words away, you have a vison of a picture you’ve always wanted to take. You’ve got an infant in one hand, a toddler running amuck, and you’re trying to fix dinner when THE twist that makes your story complete finally comes to mind.  You see what I am getting at.  The Flow can come at the most inopportune times, but despite all the hullabaloo, we as creative people have to pay attention.

Here is an example.  I was sitting on the floor the other night playing guitar…as I do.  I was noodling around, practicing scales, thinking of chord progressions, when I played a couple of chords back to back. “Hmmm…that sounded alright.”  I kept fiddling around with those chords arepeggiating them, strumming them.  “Well..that actually sounds really cool, but I sure do feel like balls and would really like to go to bed.”  I played for a little while longer and Kels grabbed her notepad.  Now I’m in it.  Not only have I tapped into a cool musical idea, my inspiration has grabbed Kels’ attention too.  A new song, or at least the start of a new song, was born.

As a musician, I often feel as though the music or the songs I write don’t come from me, but come from ‘somewhere else….The Flow.  I like to think of myself as a slave to it.  When it comes, I MUST obey or else I could miss an important opportunity to bring forth something new.  

So…how do we make sure and take advantage of The Flow when life seems to be keeping you from it?  There are too many ways to count, but I will share my method…and it’s something nearly all of us have access to…our wireless phones!  When I have a melody that pops into my head and I’m not in the studio…I grab my phone and sing the melody into the voice recorder.  If I’m in a place where I can’t sing, I open up the notes application and write out the rhythm and what key I think it’s in.  I simply don’t let that inspiration go.  I grab on to it and let it take me for a ride.

We owe it to ourselves to not let The Flow pass us by when it comes calling.  Write it down, record it, get it out by whatever means necessary.  And if you are unable to give it your full attention when inspiration strikes, at least you’ll have the idea out of your head and you can revisit it when life allows.

~ DMac

Artists come in many shapes, sizes, talents, and abilities.  Some are supremely talented, some moderately talented, and others have talent that is harder to recognize.  What makes this so?  Who are we to determine what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’?

Art is subjective.  What sounds amazing to some, sounds like cacophonous noise to others.  What some people find ugly, others find beautiful.  Beauty truly does lie in the eye of the beholder and with that in mind let’s talk about the fear of being labeled as ‘bad’.

As artists we have our modalities, be it music, writing, painting, etc., and accompanying those outlets is the dreaded ego.  Our egos can be a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, knowing yourself is a healthy and empowering endeavor, while letting the ego run unchecked can not only send you speeding into new and uncharted levels of ass-holery, but it can drastically skew your vision of yourself.  That vision of yourself and those that surround you is where the fear comes into play.

You want to sing a song.  You want to write a novel.  You want to paint a picture…but what if it sucks?.  What if people hate it?  What if people think I don’t have any talent?  To quote sci-fi classic ‘Dune’, “Fear is the mind killer.” and it is this fear that kills the creative process.  The ego, in a desperate act of self-preservation, stands up and says, “I can’t create that! I’m scared of being bruised!”  And just like that, the creative flow is stopped and you’re safe.  That safety comes with a price…your art.

And yet here is hope!  Art is subjective.  Within these three words lies the power to create to your hearts content!  Because of the way people view art, you will inevitably create something that people hate, but who cares?  The flip side is that you will inevitably create something that someone will love.  If you know that your creation isn’t going to please everyone, then you can release your fear of disappointing others (and yourself) and let your talent flow.

Art is a beautiful expression of the self.  Art is creation.  Stop being afraid of what others think and allow that song, novel, or painting to be born.  ~ DMac

If you’ve been following our adventure as Wedding Day Rain, then you might remember in 2011, we released four Christmas songs on an EP titled Rapt in Bows. 

Rapt in Bows was an experiment. 

We wanted to see if you would connect with our sound and we needed to see if we could make music together and not throw each other off the astronomy tower. 😉

2014 is going to be a HUGE year for us. We have an EP coming out (of NON Christmas songs. Heh.) sometime before spring, and of course, in October, our full-length debut will be relased alongside Kelsey’s book, Damsel Distressed

But this time, NOW, is critical. We want to make sure that our music has an audience and that means building a reputation and having some sales and reviews on these EPs in advance of our full record. 

So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to re-mix, re-master, and release Rapt in Bows for real this time. We’ve added another song, and we’re hopeful that this time around, we’ll find some fans that aren’t just our relatives. (Hi Moms.)

Rapt in Bows is available now via iTunes ($4.95), Amazon ($4.95), and CDBaby ($1.99). 

You might notice that there’s a price difference between iTunes/Amazon and CDbaby. We didn’t get to set the prices at the first two, but we did have that chance at the latter. We are humbled that you might consider spending ANY money on our songs, so, while itunes might be more convenient (and mean more money back in the music-making pot), it’s Christmas dangit, and 5 songs for two bucks is a steal. 

If you already have the first four songs (and don’t want the re-mastered MOAR JOLLY VERSIONS) you can always just buy the new single of Deck the Halls to show your support.

Purchasing and/or reviewing our music, telling your friends, and supporting our chance to make a spash in 2014 is the greatest kindness you could show us, and we’re so grateful for your encouragement and friendship. 

As a kid, having music “for sale” in a record store or on iTunes or wherever meant you’d made it. It meant that your music was valuable and that people were willing to bring you onto their devices and into their lives. Even though anyone with fifty bucks can buy their way into the mp3 stores now, that doesn’t change how it feels to have reached this place in our career. 

Rapt in Bows now. EP before spring. Imogen Unlocked album out next October. 

We can’t wait to share all of this music we’ve been stockpiling. 


Kelsey and Daron


As per usual, Saturday’s are classified as ‘Studio Saturday’ in La Casa Del Wedding Day Rain.  This is the day that Kels and I are usually home and ready to work on music.  

With that in mind, I changed strings on my trusty Takamine acoustic guitar, stretched them out, plugged in, mic’d up, and started to record.  Things went ok, with the occasional hiccup, and I got through three songs.  (*These songs are NOT on Imogen Unlocked and are part of a couple of secret projects we are working on!*)  I was feeling pretty good about the session…until…today…

I went back into the studio and was ready to tidy up a couple of things, when I noticed that I was using the wrong microphone to record the acoustic guitar.  FRAK!  (BSG reference).  All that work from Studio Saturday had to be re-recorded.  Oh sure, I COULD have made it work with what I had, but the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow it.  So, I plugged back in, mic’d up…with the correct microphone, and recorded one of the songs from yesterday.  Won’t make that mistake again…I hope   🙂

Hey Everybody,

We’ve been working hard writing and recording songs for the companion CD, Imogen Unlocked, for Kelsey’s book Damsel Distressed.  We have 7 songs written and 4 of them recorded.  We are also shooting video, documenting the process of writing and recording a CD…and it ain’t all rainbows and butterflies   🙂

We’ll be posting clips from the journey, but for now here’s a Vine we did for ‘Studio Saturday’.