Artists come in many shapes, sizes, talents, and abilities.  Some are supremely talented, some moderately talented, and others have talent that is harder to recognize.  What makes this so?  Who are we to determine what is ‘good’ and what is ‘bad’?

Art is subjective.  What sounds amazing to some, sounds like cacophonous noise to others.  What some people find ugly, others find beautiful.  Beauty truly does lie in the eye of the beholder and with that in mind let’s talk about the fear of being labeled as ‘bad’.

As artists we have our modalities, be it music, writing, painting, etc., and accompanying those outlets is the dreaded ego.  Our egos can be a blessing and a curse.  On one hand, knowing yourself is a healthy and empowering endeavor, while letting the ego run unchecked can not only send you speeding into new and uncharted levels of ass-holery, but it can drastically skew your vision of yourself.  That vision of yourself and those that surround you is where the fear comes into play.

You want to sing a song.  You want to write a novel.  You want to paint a picture…but what if it sucks?.  What if people hate it?  What if people think I don’t have any talent?  To quote sci-fi classic ‘Dune’, “Fear is the mind killer.” and it is this fear that kills the creative process.  The ego, in a desperate act of self-preservation, stands up and says, “I can’t create that! I’m scared of being bruised!”  And just like that, the creative flow is stopped and you’re safe.  That safety comes with a price…your art.

And yet here is hope!  Art is subjective.  Within these three words lies the power to create to your hearts content!  Because of the way people view art, you will inevitably create something that people hate, but who cares?  The flip side is that you will inevitably create something that someone will love.  If you know that your creation isn’t going to please everyone, then you can release your fear of disappointing others (and yourself) and let your talent flow.

Art is a beautiful expression of the self.  Art is creation.  Stop being afraid of what others think and allow that song, novel, or painting to be born.  ~ DMac

If you’ve been following our adventure as Wedding Day Rain, then you might remember in 2011, we released four Christmas songs on an EP titled Rapt in Bows. 

Rapt in Bows was an experiment. 

We wanted to see if you would connect with our sound and we needed to see if we could make music together and not throw each other off the astronomy tower. 😉

2014 is going to be a HUGE year for us. We have an EP coming out (of NON Christmas songs. Heh.) sometime before spring, and of course, in October, our full-length debut will be relased alongside Kelsey’s book, Damsel Distressed

But this time, NOW, is critical. We want to make sure that our music has an audience and that means building a reputation and having some sales and reviews on these EPs in advance of our full record. 

So, with that in mind, we’ve decided to re-mix, re-master, and release Rapt in Bows for real this time. We’ve added another song, and we’re hopeful that this time around, we’ll find some fans that aren’t just our relatives. (Hi Moms.)

Rapt in Bows is available now via iTunes ($4.95), Amazon ($4.95), and CDBaby ($1.99). 

You might notice that there’s a price difference between iTunes/Amazon and CDbaby. We didn’t get to set the prices at the first two, but we did have that chance at the latter. We are humbled that you might consider spending ANY money on our songs, so, while itunes might be more convenient (and mean more money back in the music-making pot), it’s Christmas dangit, and 5 songs for two bucks is a steal. 

If you already have the first four songs (and don’t want the re-mastered MOAR JOLLY VERSIONS) you can always just buy the new single of Deck the Halls to show your support.

Purchasing and/or reviewing our music, telling your friends, and supporting our chance to make a spash in 2014 is the greatest kindness you could show us, and we’re so grateful for your encouragement and friendship. 

As a kid, having music “for sale” in a record store or on iTunes or wherever meant you’d made it. It meant that your music was valuable and that people were willing to bring you onto their devices and into their lives. Even though anyone with fifty bucks can buy their way into the mp3 stores now, that doesn’t change how it feels to have reached this place in our career. 

Rapt in Bows now. EP before spring. Imogen Unlocked album out next October. 

We can’t wait to share all of this music we’ve been stockpiling. 


Kelsey and Daron