As per usual, Saturday’s are classified as ‘Studio Saturday’ in La Casa Del Wedding Day Rain.  This is the day that Kels and I are usually home and ready to work on music.  

With that in mind, I changed strings on my trusty Takamine acoustic guitar, stretched them out, plugged in, mic’d up, and started to record.  Things went ok, with the occasional hiccup, and I got through three songs.  (*These songs are NOT on Imogen Unlocked and are part of a couple of secret projects we are working on!*)  I was feeling pretty good about the session…until…today…

I went back into the studio and was ready to tidy up a couple of things, when I noticed that I was using the wrong microphone to record the acoustic guitar.  FRAK!  (BSG reference).  All that work from Studio Saturday had to be re-recorded.  Oh sure, I COULD have made it work with what I had, but the perfectionist in me wouldn’t allow it.  So, I plugged back in, mic’d up…with the correct microphone, and recorded one of the songs from yesterday.  Won’t make that mistake again…I hope   🙂

Hey Everybody,

We’ve been working hard writing and recording songs for the companion CD, Imogen Unlocked, for Kelsey’s book Damsel Distressed.  We have 7 songs written and 4 of them recorded.  We are also shooting video, documenting the process of writing and recording a CD…and it ain’t all rainbows and butterflies   🙂

We’ll be posting clips from the journey, but for now here’s a Vine we did for ‘Studio Saturday’.